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The technology is based and focused on being able to provide and transmit content in real time to users worldwide. There are many market research reports that identify content in real time as being the future for sports. There are already very dominant market indicators showing the requirements for real time content with the industry accepting the existing 4 to 5 minute delays for content with further indicators showing the market demand for this time to be reduced. The technology on offer can address this market immediately.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

‘feed from the field’

what it is

The ‘feed from the field’ product and service is a high end transmission technology developed in conjunction with the European Space Agency. The technology takes live action content from a sports arena and instantly sends it worldwide to mobile phones.

what it does

The technology on offer achieves the following for the actors and stakeholders involved in the value chain of rugby and cricket in the region.

  • Transmits live content to users phone in real time
  • Enables stadium experience to the uses
  • Allows user build library of the content
  • Content on Apple and Android technology
  • Customer engagement platform
  • Branded push notifications
  • Plug and play
  • Minimal risk to users and rights holders
  • Commissioned as standalone or embedded in existing platforms

The prime innovation of the technology is its ability to instantly transmit the live action replay from the field of play to smart devices worldwide.

benefits for the rights owner

The benefits to the rights holders and owners are significant and include;

  • Technology that can engage with users
  • Zero capital required for deployment of the technology to the region
  • Brand new green field market that is not currently being serviced
  • Revenue share from the monetization of the technology in the marketplace
  • Automated analytics published every month to show number of users, views, duration of views, city etc
  • Push notifications branded with the rights holders logo
  • Low risk technically as technology has been tested in Europe

The major benefit to the rights holder is the development of a green field landscape on a tested technology. The monetization opportunities associated with the technology are many in that the technology is placed with the end user for a very competitive price.

Many distribution channels are available for the technology in South Africa through inclusion in ticket sales, embedding in the offerings of the mobile operators and satellite TV operators etc.

benefits to the user/fan

The benefits to the user for the technology are significant and meet the needs of the fan and sports supporter for real time information from the field of play. Significant market data exists showing that enabling content of interest to the fan ensures loyalty and retention of the fan both to the sport and to the team. The technology on offer achieves and meets the demand of the user by;

  • Instantaneous engagement with the fan
  • Interaction with the team/player/club way beyond the time period of the game. This is a major benefit because the fan can repeatedly view the content on their phone. This increases the excitement of the fan to the sport and the technology
  • Engagement enables appealing experience with the team and the club
  • Near live/real time content intensifies the experience of the fan
  • Connection presents the rights owners with powerful transformational opportunities
  • Enhance the passion and enthusiasm of the fan
  • ‘emotional’ connection of the fan to the team and the players
  • High quality experience for the fan

enhancing the fan experience

It is well recognized that the fan of the sport is now demanding more and more information in real time on their beloved sport and player and it is this demanding experience that will be the market driver for the technology. This experience is evident on the social media networks such as Facebook and twitter where literally millions of fans engage in chatter and conversation for the sport. Enabling and enhancing the fan experience is augmented with the technology as follows;

  • Technology significantly enhances the fan experience worldwide with the content to their phone instantly after it has been generated
  • Develops an additional market of users and fans for the rights holder
  • Extends and expands the relationship and loyalty with the fan
  • Demonstrates that extra commitment of the sport to the fan base worldwide
  • Enables the retention of the existing fan base
  • Aids the acquisition of new fans
  • Non disruptive to existing markets

technology Features

The functions and features of the technology are as follows;

  • Instant delivery of real live action content to smart devices worldwide
  • Push notifications branded with the rights holders logo. The technology can be configured to have different logos for different actors in the value chain
  • The content is delivered directly to the smart device …..no social media or other login in required
  • Slow-motion and zoom options are available to the user to detailed viewing of the content
  • The system generates automatic analytics on a monthly basis showing downloads and views of the content on offer
  • Technology can be presented to enable purchasing and upselling of product from the mobile operators


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